Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell?

Undoubtedly, one can’t deny the credibility and importance of having an Apple watch. With the immense benefits and modern features, Apple watches are getting more popular and becoming the need of time for everyone and Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell?

Apple watches need a band to retain them around your wrist. Everything in the world lasts longer if the owner takes good care of it. The same is the case with the Apple Watch bands; the more you care for them, the less they will stink and last longer.

Suppose you are a sportsman wearing an apple watch band around your wrist and sweating continuously, then the band would smell definitely. However, it might get better and last longer if you clean the band regularly. Still, some reasons lead to smelly watch bands, and you should know about them.

Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell | Reasons Every Apple User Should Know

Apple watches users wear it all day long, usually everywhere, to check the body’s vital parameters. However, users complain that their Apple watch band stinks and smells bad; why?  You might sweat a lot or remain underwater while wearing the watch; these might be the reason for the smelly Apple watch band. However, here are a few reasons you should know if your watch band smells:

Your Watchband Is Not The Right Choice For You:

Apple made different watch bands specific for different people according to their routine. If there is a contrast between the Apple watch band material and your activity, you might get into trouble.

And if you watch stinks and smells continuously, then this band might not suit you, and you have to replace the band. If you are a sportsman and wear a leather band or any other band except a sports band, it would stink after a sports session.

If you want to wear the Apple watch band for working out, the Apple watch band for running, climbing, hiking, exercising, or any other vigorous activity, choose the one with the breathable pores. All other material bands might get the stink due to continuous sweat absorption. 

So, If your Apple watch stinks, better to replace it with a specific band that suits your routine and activity.

You haven’t Cleaned the Watch Band for a While:

Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell 2

If you are using something continuously, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Watchbands get dirt very fast, which might accumulate and give out a bad smell. Also, if the watchband is dirty and you don’t maintain it neat and clean, bacteria build up around the buckle and beneath the band.

To avoid this, clean your watchband regularly, despite making it a habit to wash your watchband thoroughly. Cleaning and washing the watch band at regular intervals reduces the chances of smell development by the band.

You might wonder, How would I clean my watch band? Don’t worry; washing and cleaning your watch band is not a difficult task. Here is the perfect guide about cleaning your watch band to avoid the bad smell:

How To Clean My Apple Watch Band?

You can safely clean your Apple watch band by following a few simple steps, despite which material your watch is made up of. These steps might get you rid of the stubborn stains, but you can read the band manual for better cleaning. Follow these steps for general cleaning for Apple watch bands of any material:

Apple Watch Band Removal:

It’s always better to separate the band from the Apple watch before cleaning it. It would help clean the band thoroughly without worrying about causing damage to the watch casing. 

Find the two release buttons through which the watch connects to the band; press these buttons using a fingernail to remove. 

Use Non-Abrasive Cloth To Wipe The Band:

You might see the dirt particles stuck in your watch band. Use a non-abrasive, lint, and dirt-free cloth and wipe the band thoroughly over the entire surface. Use soft clothing, like those that accompany the pair of glasses, as they cant trigger the risk of scratch or any damage to the band if used safely.

It wipes the most dirt from the band surface, but still, some stains are left stuck. Dampen the cloth with a little fresh water and rub it over the remaining dirt and stains. Don’t make the cloth much wet, as all watch bands are not water-resistant.

Air Dry The Band:

If you use a damp cloth to wipe the stubborn stains from your band, then use a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid from the band surface. Then, leave the watchband untouched to let it air dry. If you don’t air-dry the band properly, it soaks up some water and smells terrible later.

Never use the sunlight or any other direct heat source to dry your band; it might get damaged. However, take the band and place it in a highly ventilated, cool place for a couple of hours.

Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution For Disinfection:

If your band gets bacterial growth due to dirt accumulation, you may get an infection. You can disinfect your watchband to eliminate this risk; however, it’s not as necessary if you clean the watchband regularly.

All watchbands don’t respond to alcohol well, so never disinfect the Nylon and Fabric watch band with alcohol. While, for all the other band materials, 70 % isopropyl alcohol solution is the best disinfectant. A percentage higher than this might get you in trouble as it would damage the watchband.

Also, don’t disinfect the watchband often with this solution. Instead, focus more on the regular cleaning and disinfecting the band after several cleanings. 

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Bottom Line

Apple watches and bands are known worldwide for their luxurious and classy outlook, so Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell, you don’t want them to smell bad. You just need to exert a little effort on cleaning the band to avoid any stains and stinky smells. Regular and thorough maintenance also increases the life of your watch band.

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