8 Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Wristwatch

Smartphones can accomplish practically everything we need them to do. They do more than just tell the time; they also deliver weather updates, manage our schedules, and so on. So, ‘I don’t need a watch as I have a smartphone, might be the common response from this fast generation. Aren’t wristwatches outdated? Well, here in this article I would share some advantages you can derive from wearing a wristwatch in the present smartphone age that might surprise you.

Why Should You Wear a Watch?

Telling time is the primary objective of wearing a watch and you can keep track of time and cope with the fast world. But this is not all. They serve so many purposes like defining personality, reminding responsibility, providing comfort, and collecting memories.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages you can get from wearing a watch.

1. Watches define the Personality of the Wearer

A watch that you wear on your wrist projects an image of your personality. The choice of your watch gives silent clues about your character. Along with presenting your taste, a good wristwatch plays a great role in boosting confidence.

2. Watches compliments style


Just like a piece of jewelry, a classy handbag, or a fancy pair of shoes, a perfect wristwatch adds grace to our style. For men, it’s even more important to wear a watch as they don’t have many fashionable accessories.

3. Watches are comfortable

Smartphones might serve the purpose of a wristwatch to a great extent, they can never be the replacement for the same. When you need to check the time and you don’t have a watch, you will have to search for your phone which is a lengthy process than flipping over your wrist and checking the time. This convenience of use is one of the great advantages of wearing a wristwatch.

4. Watches keep one accountable

People who wear a watch on their wrist are generally perceived as more composed, reliable, and responsible. Wearing a watch will help you be conscious of time and deadlines. Studies have shown that people who wear watches have better time management skills and can achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

5. Watches are functional

Apart from helping you keep track of time, watches serve as compasses, blood pressure monitors, and so on. Smartwatches help to check heart rate, lose weight, and many more. Luxury watches come with the latest technologies to serve all the purposes you would have depended on the different apps of a smartphone.

Another benefit of wearing a wristwatch is it runs for a longer period with a small amount of energy from a battery. This is more convenient than depending on a smartphone’s 8 hours.

6. Watches signify maturity

Unlike women, men can use a limited range of jewelry. Among these, a quality wristwatch holds perhaps the most important place. A perfect wristwatch defines the class, boldness, and simplicity of the wearer.

7. Watches help in increasing productivity

Smartphones are said to be the time waste machine. When we grab our smartphones just to check the time, we don’t stick to the purpose.

We check Facebook notifications, play games, take a selfie and get distracted which ultimately reduces our productivity level. On the contrary, watches help us achieve our goals through time management skills.

8. Watches are a great family treasure


A wristwatch can also be a great family treasure. People live through memories even after their demise. Your watch is the sign of your belonging, care, and love. Therefore, it can be treasured like other heirlooms for the next generation.

In a nutshell, a quality watch helps you stand out from the crowd and boosts your confidence level. It is a general belief that the right watch leaves a great impression on the people you meet. It defines your taste and character silently.

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