Know Different Types of Watches to make a Precise Selection

types of watches

A watch symbolizes the personality of the wearer. So, choosing the right watch according to the characteristics of the wearer is of crucial importance. Selecting a proper watch that defines you might be much more complicated than it seems.

With a wide variety of watch types and styles available, it might be quiet overwhelming to pick the right wristwatch especially if you don’t have much experience. Different lifestyles and careers require different types of watches.

Read on the article to know the characteristics of different types of watches. We have divided them into three different groups based on their features.

Group 1: By Movement

types of watches

Simply, the movement of a watch is something that makes a watch tick. It is said to be the heart of a watch. Primarily, there are three types of watch movements.

  • Manual

Manual movement watches, as the name itself suggests, require to create energy manually. In this method, one needs to do so by winding the watch by hand. It is the most ancient movement of all three. In this method, the watch requires manual winding almost every single day. Due to its complicacy, it has fallen out of favor.

  • Automatic

Watches with automatic movement function almost similarly as the manual one. Here the only difference is you don’t need to wind them yourself. It winds itself with the movement of the wearer.

  • Quartz

Quartz movement is the simplest of the three. It runs by the power of a battery and a quartz crystal keeps the watch ticking. It requires battery change when runs out of charge. Kinetic and solar watches are two subsections of quartz movements.

Of all three, the quartz movement delivers the most accurate time. The quartz crystal, found inside the watch, ensures the accuracy.

Group 2: By Display

digital display watch

Mainly there are three different display types of wristwatch.

  • Analog Display

Analog display is the most ancient and traditional style of the watch display. These types of watches usually have two arrows like hands to point hours and minutes while some come with additional third hand to point current second.

  • Digital Display

Digital watches display time and date on a screen using this type of watch hours, minutes and seconds are indicated by digits instead of hands. Here LED and LCD both the technologies are common.

  • Combined analog-digital display

There is a third watch display type that combines both the analog and digital display. These watches come with both pointing hands and digital display as well. The plus point of this type of display is one back up another. If hands stop rotating or digital display stops showing the time, another one is there to back up.

Group 3: By Style


  • Diving Watch

A diving watch, as the name indicates are manufactured specially to accompany you underwater. These watches feature water resistance at depths of at least 100 meters. These watches include a device that allows the user to pre-select a time of up to 60 minutes. Nearly all dive watches feature a screw-down crown that ensures better protection against water.

  • Pilot Watch

Pilot watch, as the name refers, is designed with aviators in mind. These types of watches are very of very durable quality that aids navigation. True pilot watches are large-sized to make it easier to read and include all necessary time zone functions for international flights. Being very fashionable, they reached the apex of popularity among youngsters.

  • Field Watch

Field watch was designed especially for officers who need to synchronize attacks, check the time at night and face rigors of battle. These timepieces are durable, large-sized and good to look at.

  • Dress Watch

Dress watches are elegant, simple and classic at a time. They suit almost every kind of formal occasion. It should be sleek-designed not to be noticed at a glance.

  • Chronograph Watch

The chronograph is just a synonym for a stopwatch. Though chronograph itself is a feature and found in many watches like a pilot watch, field watch and more, it is referred to as a watch type also. a chronograph watch is simply be said as a regular watch with a chronograph complication. Using chronograph is very easy. It works like a timer. There are two buttons in a chronograph watch. One is for reset and another is for start and stop.

  • Sport Watch

The sport watch is one of the most popular watch types among watch enthusiasts. Though these watches are made to measure all the things that a sportsman wants to measure, they became a fashion statement among youngsters. They just suit every kind of occasion. From work to work out, they are perfect to wear.

  • Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a portable device manufactured to be worn on the wrist, works like a smartphone to a great extent. Like smartphones, they have touchscreens, can record fitness information, support various apps, display notifications, and make calls and many more.

  • Luxury Watch

Luxury watches, the name itself suggest that these watches are made of expensive materials. Often they include precious gemstones too.

However, watch jargon can be quiet confusing, especially for new users. I hope, you will get the right type of watch for you from the above mentioned popular watch types.

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