Why Are Apple Watch Bands Expensive | Find Out Why

Why do I have to buy such an expensive watch band? This question might hit your mind sometimes, and you may get quite confused while buying the band. However, here is a complete guide and explanation on Why are Apple watch bands expensive?

If you are searching for either the best smartphone or a smartwatch, there is no better recommendation than Apple. In the era of innovations and modern technologies, Apple is leading the modern world. Also, Apple products are a luxury; not everyone can benefit from them.

Apple watches are much more expensive than other ordinary watches. However, you need a strap or band to hold the Apple watch around your wrist. Apple watch bands are also quite expensive, keeping in mind the value of the Apple watch.

Apple is assuring the quality of its products by engaging a considerable investment, so they are charging for their best quality. The material used in producing a quality watch band is a bit more expensive, so the price of the final products gets higher. 

What if I cant afford to pay for the expensive Apple watch band? If you don’t have much money to pay for the Apple watch band, you don’t have to worry about it. Different companies produce cheap Apple watch bands; however, you might not get the quality product as the original Apple watch band.

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Apple Watch Bands are Quite Expensive; Why?

Why Are Apple Watch Bands Expensive 2

Apple watch bands are much more expensive than the other competitors, but Apple has its reasons to justify this statement. Here are the few important ones:

Apple is A Big Brand Having the Status Symbol and Excellent Reputation:

Apple has become a trillion-dollar company by maintaining the most reputable position in modern technology. The brand is known for charging some extra bucks to its customers to provide premium quality products that you won’t find elsewhere.

Apple is a big brand, and its users and customers expect a lot from it. Its excellent reputation and special status symbol make it expensive. Also, Apple products are known for their luxurious outlook showoff and are undoubtedly the most premium stuff in the market. So why won’t they be expensive?

Everything has its value, and for the premium one, the charges might get doubled for quality assurance. Notably, Apple gives the best warranty assurance for all of its products. After paying for this expensive brand, you would get all the facilities and advantages. Conclusively, Apple is the brand of trust, for which you have to pay a bit more than the other competitor watch bands.

Quality of the Apple Watchbands:

Apple is the best business brand right now, which manufactures smartwatches and different watch bands. Apple users are not poor; if they afford to buy an Apple watch, they would surely pay for the expensive Apple watch band.

Why would I prefer to buy an expensive Apple watch band if I can get the cheap watch bands? Importantly, quality is everything that matters in the business, and Apple has made its reputation by maintaining the high quality of its products.

Apple develops unique styles, solid and resistible watch bands, which will surely last longer and won’t deteriorate soon. On the other hand, the other third-party bands might be cheap, but they can help you in the short term only due to poor stuff used.

Even if you use the Apple watch band roughly for a year, there might be no or slight signs of wear and tear. In contrast, the other third-party watch bands start to peel off and lose their quality within 3-4 months of usage.

The Incredible Fine Quality Material:

If you chose a cheap watch band from a third-party manufacturer, you would surely regret this decision in the coming months. The reason is the quality of the material used to make the band. Other companies won’t take the material quality seriously, as they just want to sell cheap products.

On the other hand, Apple bands, which are expensive ones, are strictly concerned about the band material used. Apple runs many factories making the best quality watch bands, using fine quality material.

Apple even considers the little details about the strap material and keeps the user’s preference. Third-party watch straps are less expensive indeed, but they are no way closer to the original Apple Watch bands in terms of quality.

You Get Exactly What You Ordered and Expected:

How does it feel if you ordered something luxurious from the internet, and received poor quality stuff in real life? Yes, it hurts your expectations, as you want to get what you exactly ordered. Apple watch bands are expensive, but you would get the same stuff you ordered online.

Cheating is never a part of Apple’s business like if you ordered a leather band, you would surely get the high-quality leather band only. Sometimes, people try to save money by ordering third-party watch bands, but they don’t get the charm and quality they present over the internet.

If you have money and can afford to pay more, go for the original Apple Watch band; surely, you won’t get cheated. However, some third-party companies might produce excellent quality straps, but still, you need to research and find them under many frauds.

Provision of Comfort is their Foremost Goal:

Once you get used to the Apple smartwatch, you don’t want to keep it away from your body. Some people wear this watch 24/7, even during sleep, to monitor their sleep activity. However, if you are wearing something long-term, consider the comfort of the watchband.

Apple watch bands offer guaranteed comfort and luxury, even if you wear them for an extended period too. At the same time, the other third-party bands may raise different issues, like skin rashes and irritation around the wrist. 

Apple charges you for relief and comfort, so they are the best in providing these features. Also, these are pretty classy and stylish, so you won’t regret your decision after paying more for the Apple watch band.

Even after long-wearing, the Apple watch band won’t trigger any skin irritations or hurtful feelings. It is one of the known reasons why Apple watch bands are expensive.

Different Prices for Different Bands:

Apple is a diverse brand and is not restricted to a single watch band. You can pay for the watchband, designed mainly for your usage and goals. For example, if you are a sportsman, Apple offers different sports bands, and if you want a band for formal and classy occasions, Apple offers leather bands.

However, the price of the Apple watch band varies according to the material you choose. Still, the cheapest Apple watch band would surely last longer and ensure the high-quality material around your wrist.

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Should I Buy a Third Party Watchband for My Apple Watch?

Why Are Apple Watch Bands Expensive 3

I can’t afford to buy the expensive Apple Watch bands, is there any way for me? This question might get stuck in the mind of many users. Yes, you can buy a third-party watch band if you can’t afford to pay for the Apple watch band. 

However, you need to do a lot of research and find out what users review about the third-party band you will order. Some of these third-party bands are excellent in quality, but you have to find them out of many.

Bottom Line

Why Are Apple Watch Bands Expensive; yes, you heard it right. But they are keeping the proper use of your money by providing an excellent quality watch band. Apple is a big brand that gives you a classy and luxurious look and durability in return for your money. If you can afford to pay more, there is no better option than opting for the original Apple watch band.

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