Nixon Watches Reviews | Best Nixon Watches to Buy in 2024

If you want to buy watches in modern style, you must have to check the products from Nixon. Though the brand is relatively new, they already won the heart of watch lovers with top-quality products. They produce a wide range of watches which sometimes make users confused. If you are one of them and looking for the best Nixon Watches Reviews, stay tuned here.

I am going to introduce you to the best products from the brand that you should buy to maintain the current fashion trend. Read the detailed reviews before you spend your precious money on a product.


Top 5 Nixon Watches Reviews

1. Nixon Sentry SS Stainless Steel Day/Date 42mm WR 100 Meters Men’s Watch A356

Have you ever noticed that princes from the middle east wear most of the time gold-toned watches? They sometimes even spend millions of dollars on a single timepiece. If you want to have a style like them, you don’t have to spend the same price. Just go for this Sentry SS Stainless Steel watch which will provide all the features of an expensive watch. It comes in the analog style and has a Japanese quartz movement. The versatile design allows you to wear it in all conditions whether it is a business meeting or a casual thing.

It is an all-gold-tone watch that is designed with different options. Besides reading the time, you can see the date and day at 3 o’clock. The dial, case, hands, everything is in gold-tone finishing to make it attractive. For durability, the casing is composed of stainless steel. The best part is, that this case won’t get scratched easily. Even after years, it won’t lose its color. You can have the best view for a long time. The dial is large enough to read easily and has a fold-over clasp with double push-button for safety.

No need to get it off your wrist when going for some outdoor events. Whether you are at a beach party, a pool party, or camping, you can keep it in your hand. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet. With this higher depth, you can take a shower, snorkel, and swim without doing any harm to your watch.


  • Gold-tone finish for an attractive look
  • Stationary bezel function
  • Despite the metal design, it is lightweight
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty case for durability
  • Water-resistant for all-weather wearing
  • There are several color options available


  • The quality of the battery is not good as expected

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Question: What kind of battery do I have to use in this?

Answer: You should use the SR626 battery. Always try to get the battery from the original website to have the best service.

Question: What are the dimensions of the case?

Answer: The diameter of the watch is 42 millimeters and the thickness of the watch is 12 millimeters.

Question: Does it have glare to have a better view in low light?

Answer: It is easy to read in both bright and low light. But there is no glare in it.

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2. Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry 42mm Stainless Steel Leather Quartz Movement Watch

The main specialty of Nixon is; that they have a wide range of products for consumers. No matter what is your preferred features in a watch, you will find something from Nixon. Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry is one of the best modern features products in the market. If you are a kind of classy person, you should check this out. Without spoiling the look, this features multiple colors in different parts. It comes with a Japanese quartz movement and has a combination of colors to wear on different occasions.

The very first thing you will notice is its larger dial with blue inside. Instead of the same color for all hands, the second-hand features the opposite color to the hour and minute hands making it exceptional. Custom molded hands to give it a god look. Besides the basic reading, you will get the day and date at 3 o’clock. When you are too much busy and suddenly need to know the date, just see it on your watch. The blue dial is attached to the Sentry leather. The brown leather is both durable and attractive.

Whether you are in a profession with high-stress work or want to do some sports activity, you can wear this watch. Designed to remain safe from water up to 100 meters. If you compare similar products in the same price range, this one is offering more. The higher depth of water resistance allows swimming and snorkeling without any issues.


  • Matte stainless steel case with durability
  • Mineral crystal allows reading the time under different conditions
  • Tang buckle clasp for safety
  • The round dial is easy to read in different light conditions
  • Leather band with classic brown finish


  • You may not like the cheap quality crown
  • In broad daylight, you may not get the best view

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Question: Does it have any feature to read the time easily in low-light?

Answer: Yes, this one glows in dark for a better view.

Question: I am looking for a silent watch; will I hear the tick at night or in calm places?

Answer: Not at all, this one operates silently to avoid the annoying ticking sound.

Question: Is this a lightweight one to stay comfortable when wearing for a long time?

Answer: This unit weighs only 2.4 ounces, so you can be sure to stay comfortable even if worn for a full day.

3. Nixon Cannon Sunray Clean Cut Men’s Analogue Watch

When you are Buying a watch with a metal band, picking the Best Nixon Watches Reviews according to your personality could be tough. If you want to look exceptional and want to have a rich vibe, this all-gold finish watch would be the best option. This unit features a metal band and the whole design is with a gold-tone finish. The style is most preferable for business people or people who have to do a lot of business meetings.

The minimal design of the watch makes it more attractive. The clear and attractive look will make you unique in the crowd. The deal is not large or not small, it just is the perfect size which is easy to view from all angles. As I mentioned, this is an all-gold finish watch, the hands also come in a gold tone. However, the gold finish won’t make it difficult to read the time. This timepiece features a tapered stainless steel 3-link bracelet. It is incorporated into the case to eliminate swings when wearing. Despite the all-metal finish, it is not as heavy as you think. You will be comfortable wearing it for an extended time.

No problem if you have an extra-width wrist. This will fit yours easily. The length of the band is 10-inches which ensures it fits all. You can adjust the band if necessary. This Japanese quartz movement watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters in depth. So, when you are swimming or taking a shower, you now need to get it off the hand. The overall performance of this timepiece is satisfactory. Color won’t fade away even after years. Just keep the crystal safe from getting hurt with metal to avoid major scratches.


  • Suitable for a wide range of purposes
  • Comfortable to wear with a lightweight design
  • Hardened mineral crystal for longevity
  • Stainless steel band for durability
  • Fits all with a 10-inches band length


  • No option to see the date and time
  • Battery performance is poor for this model

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Answer: It used to come with 2 extra links in the packet which you can set by a Professional Jeweler. You can also remove links if needed.

Question: Do the hands glow in the dark for an easy night view?

Answer: No, this model doesn’t have such features. However, you can easily see through the crystal in average light conditions. In low light, the view is better than in traditional watches.

Question: Does the metal band come with sterling silver?

Answer: No, it is made of stainless steel. However, the quality of the band is satisfactory and doesn’t lose color easily.

4. Nixon Corporal SS A346. 100m Water Resistant XL Men’s Watch

Nixon is popular for its classy products. The Nixon Corporal SS A346 timepiece is another example of that sign. It is designed for people who don’t like too many features and want to keep it simple. With the black finishing, this product is suitable to sync with all the dress codes. Whether you are going for a casual meeting or a business meeting, this timepiece should be on your wrist. It is operated by the Japanese Quartz movement.

The best thing about this product is improved visibility. No matter when you are wearing it or where you are living, you can use it for daily occasions. Instead of the traditional look, it comes with a modern design. With metal construction, this is a durable watch that lasts longer than other products in the same price range. The dial is large and the numerical digits are larger to read the time comfortably. Hour, minute, and seconds hands inside. The specialty of this timepiece is its Lum Dial for nighttime views. Bold printed numbers and the dial make it easy to read in any light condition.

The dial is attached to a durable stainless steel band. Inside the dial and the band, both have the same black finishing for the classic look. It will lose color and neither get scratches. Dial window features a mineral style for better view and durability. Close the band with a double-locking foldover clasp to adjust to your wrist. Stay secure in all weather with the water-resistant exterior. Do swimming and snorkeling, take shower, and do a similar underwater activity without the fear of ruining your watch.


  • Features Lum display for a nighttime view
  • Easy to adjust band with 10-inches length
  • Mineral window heavy-duty crystal
  • 48 mm case with a ferocious stainless steel design
  • Larger numeral digits inside the dial


  • Comparatively bulky design
  • Date and day options are not available

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Question: Can I rotate the bezel if I wish?

Answer: This timepiece features a stationary bezel which means you can’t rotate the bezel.

Question: What are the dimensions of the case of this model?

Answer: The case diameter is 48mm and it is 24mm thick. Compared to other products in this Nixon Watches Reviews, this one has more weight.

Answer: Yes, you can always adjust the band length. But make sure you are taking help from an expert to avoid unwanted issues. You can also replace the whole band if you wish.

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5. NIXON Regulus 29mm-24mm PU/Rubber/Silicone Band 32mm Face

All the watches in this list are analog, but this one is digital inside. If you are looking for something sporty and a high performer, this item is highly recommended. This is a high-tech and element-proof watch with high features. This product is designed with input from U.S. special operations personnel. So, you can expect all the high-end features in it. If most of the time you wear casual, it will be a perfect choice for you.

It comes in a rectangle shape LED backlight display. So, no matter where you are, you can easily read the time. Multiple options inside from which you can read everything. The digits are large enough to make it easy to read. Get the time, day, and date at the same time. Feature dual chronographs for better performance. If you are in such a profession where you need to keep track of two different cities, it will be comfortable for you. The display is attached to the durable silicone band. You will be comfortable in longtime wearing.

There is a common issue in most digital watches which is battery backup. Once you have received the timepiece, the battery will give backup for at least 5 years. Do whatever you want to do when wearing it. This item is water-resistant up to 100 meters to keep the interior safe. Highly durable for longevity. It is worth spending your budget for the best performer watch.


  • Durable construction with top-quality materials
  • Elegant inside with backlight display
  • Dual chronograph design
  • Different color options are available
  • Easy to control the functions
  • Long battery backup to save you money


  • Not suitable for performing scuba diving

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Question: I was wondering if you can engrave this item, is it possible?

Answer: Yes, there is enough space in it where you can engrave.

Question: Will it automatically finds the location to track time?

Answer: Though it comes with a dual chronograph, it won’t track the time automatically. You will have to set the time manually.

Question: Does it have the hourly chime function?

Answer: Nope! There is no such function.

History of Nixon Watches

Nixon Watches Review

Compared to famous watch brands, Nixon is relatively new in the industry. But that didn’t stop them from bringing high-quality products. The company was established in 1998 in Encinitas, CA. Currently, they are selling in over 90 countries. Because of the top-quality service, people trust this brand. The best thing about this brand is, that they spend enough on research. As a result, most of their products meet user requirements. Besides the top-end features, the brand ensures quality within a minimal range. If you check this Nixon Watches Reviews, will see most of the products are affordable for the majority of people.

They focus on team-design collaborations to always bring the best items. However, you can find both expensive and inexpensive products from the brand. All of their products are water-resistant. But the depth for water resistance may vary.

Why Should You Buy from Nixon?

There are several reasons why you should pick a product from them. Here are the top features why you should buy from them –

  • As I mentioned earlier, the price of timepieces from the brand always remains within the budget. You can have the right product at a minimal price.
  • Besides the quality, the design of the products from the brand is always exceptional.
  • You will find watches from Nixon which can be compared to some expensive products around the world.
  • Better customer service. If you face any issue, you can always ask them for a solution. 

How to Take Care of Your Nixon Watch?

  • Though your selected product may have water resistance, you should maintain the instructions as described
  • If the band is made of metal, keep it safe when doing some heavy works
  • Keep the crystal clear for a better view
  • Don’t use an unverified battery if need a replacement

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Final Verdict – Nixon Watches Reviews

This Nixon Watches Reviews contains all the best watches from the brand. Before you select and order one, just make sure you have set your standard and know what you want. All the products in this list contain analog-style except the product in number 5. Apart from the style, all the products have better quality and longevity.

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