Citizen Watches Review in 2020 | Buying Guide

Citizen Watches Review

A perfect timepiece on the wrist can change the entire look of a gentleman. Finding a watch to buy is not hard. But when you want something outstanding, considering the right brand is mandatory. Citizen is one of the oldest brands in the watch industry that produce top-quality products based on user-demand. However, all of the watches are not the same and don’t have the same price.

If you are looking for the best citizen watches, you need to be careful. Based on your budget range, you can choose different products to wear. This Citizen watch review will introduce you to the best products within a competitive price. Get the exclusive list of best items of 2020 from Citizen her and pick that you liked most.

Top 5 Citizen Watches Reviews

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono Atomic Timekeeping Watch

citizen watches review

If you are looking for a heavy performer watch, check this product. Citizen has designed this item to wear in all weather and all conditions. Regardless of your dress style, you can use this item for your daily usages. Comes in a silver-tone color that matches to all kind of dresses.

No matter whatever color you wear, it syncs with your outlook. It features the Japanese quartz movement. Instead of the stainless steel case like some cheap products, this one uses the titanium for case material. As a result, this durable and long-lasting.

It comes with a comparatively larger dial which is easy to read from any angle and it low light. Moreover, the sapphire dial window is antireflective which helps to read the time at heavy light.

Inside the dial and the bezel comes in black color when the hour, minute, and second hands come in a white and silver-tone finish. The dial is connected with a metal band that is scratch resistant.

The metal band is also constructed from titanium for durability. To adjust it to your wrist, it comes with a fold-over clasp with hidden double push-button closure.

Once you have received the watch, set the city with a radio-controlled signal. It ensures the accuracy in all weather conditions. Operates properly within −10˚C/14˚F to +60˚C/140˚F temperature range. This item is water-resistant up to a high level of depth. Up to 200M (660 feet), it will be safe from water. So, you can do diving, swimming, shower, or anything else in the water.


  • The date at 4 o’clock
  • High-quality titanium case and band
  • Available different cities to time accordingly
  • No need for any battery power for the lifetime
  • Power reserve indicator for users’ convenience
  • Automatic timekeeping for accuracy


  • Only available the largest cities to set

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How does it get charged? Do I have to keep it on sunlight?

Answer: Not at all, you don’t have to put it under direct sunlight. It will automatically get charged in the natural light. When using regularly at all events, no need to be worried about this.

Question: What is the thickness and diameter of the case?

Answer: This item features a 42 mm case diameter and 13 mm thickness.

Question: What bezel function is used in this product?

Answer: It comes with the stationary bezel function.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch with Perpetual Calendar and Date

citizen watches review

Don’t you like the ordinary styles for your watch? Looking for the best one that has an elegant look? Then I would suggest buying this Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch from Citizen. Compared to the usual products from Citizen, this one has less price.

But no compromise in the quality, you will get all essential and some advanced features in it. Like most of the watches from Citizen, this one also comes in the Japanese quartz movement. Its classy rose gold-tone finish gives it an exceptional look which will make you an attractive person.

The large dial allows you to read the time easily at any lighting condition. Whether it is low light or heavy light, you will be able to get the view.

Also, it features a luminous hand for better visibility. Inside the dial, this one has sundials with ith 12/24-hour time, 1/20-second time, and alarm which is not common in most of the products. High-quality leather strap in brown color and has white contrast stitching.

The perfect combination of color contrast goes with a dress look and casual look. Traditional buckle closure to adjust the strap to your wrist.

Features the mineral crystal which is easy to see through and also doesn’t get scratches easily. Once you have purchased this item, you don’t need to be worried about the battery. It charges from both natural and artificial light.

So, wherever you keep it, there are no worries of charging. Made with water resistance to protect the watch from any damage with water. It will be safe up to 100M (330 feet) which allows doing swimming, snorkeling, and similar activities. However, you can’t do scuba diving with it.


  • Perpetual calendar for date
  • You can set alarm on this wristwatch
  • Stainless steel bezel for longevity
  • Fueled by natural and artificial light
  • Gold-tone finish doesn’t lose color with heavy usages


  • This watch is a little bit heavy
  • Manual that comes with it is not clear

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does it come with a genuine leather strap?

Answer: No, the strap is made of artificial leather. However, the quality of the strap is good enough to serve for a long time.

Question: Can I rotate the bezel if I want?

Answer: Its bezel features the stationary bezel which means you can’t rotate the bezel.

Question: What is the total weight of this watch with a strap?

Answer: It weighs 7.05 ounces.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Strap

citizen watches review

Looking for a classy dress watch to wear for your office purpose? Want to get the right product at a reasonable price? If so, this product is highly recommended. Like other products from Citizen, this one also comes with the Japanese quartz movement and analog dial. Instead of too many features, it has a minimal design that goes with your personality. Despite low prices, it has extreme durability for long-lasting performance in daily use.

This watch is powered by natural light. There are cells inside the watch which get charged with natural light or artificial light. When you keep it off from hand, make sure you are keeping it to direct light for faster charging. You never have to change the cells or add batteries.

The case is made of stainless steel to prevent scratches. The dial is black and it is visible in different conditions through the mineral dial window.

Inside the dial, it features luminous hands to increase visibility at low light. Classy leather brown strap with the dial which is adjustable according to your wrist width. Tang Buckle clasp keeps the watch stable.

Get the date at 3 o’clock where you will get the previous and upcoming date. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet and suitable to use when taking a shower, swimming, or doing snorkeling.


  • Classy look to suit with all kind of dresses
  • Easy to adjust with a tang buckle clasp
  • The mineral window for improved visibility
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Leather strap with contrast stitching for a stylish look


  • It has only the basic functions with minimal design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does it have a rotating bezel?

Answer: No, you can’t rotate the bezel. It features the stationary bezel which is made of stainless steel to keep the new look for years.

Question: What is the band material? Is it artificial leather or genuine?

Answer: It comes with a genuine leather strap. It has tang buckle claps that adjust to the wrist easily.

Question: Do the numbers glow in dark for visibility?

Answer: No, numbers won’t glow. Only the hands glow in dark to understand what time it is.


Citizen Watches Men’s BM7100-59E Corso Eco-Drive Watch

citizen watches review

You don’t have to frustrate if you have a minimal budget to have a high-quality product. This BM7100-59E Corso Eco-Drive Watch comes within a reasonable price but with all essential features. If you are a fan of metal watches, you will like it for sure. Instead of too many features, it has only the basic things. The minimal design goes with any dress style. The Japanese quartz movement keeps it running.

It features the round dial with black inside and silver-tone hands. The bezel is made of stainless steel with the silver-tone which syncs to the black dial. The date at 3 o’clock and it is easy to view. The dial is moderately large and it is connected with a metal band. The band is made of stainless steel for longevity.

Fold-over push-button clasp with safety to remain stable on your hand. Though it doesn’t have any feature for night viewing, you can easily see it by hitting with an LED light when it glows fairly bright.

Adjust the time with crown and it comes with a guard to prevent snagging on shirt cuffs. No need to replace the battery. Actually, it doesn’t have any conventional battery.

Inside the watch, there are cells inside which get fueled from natural or artificial light. Water-resistant up to 330 feet to keep it safe at different conditions. Do swimming, take a shower, or do snorkeling without removing it from your hand.


  • Despite all-metal construction, it is lightweight
  • Push-button clasp with the safety feature
  • Stainless steel band and bezel for longevity
  • Stainless steel case with scratch resistance
  • Operates perfectly within –10 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Water resistance up to 10 bar


  • Moderate usage is recommended to avoid scratches
  • Not a good one for a slender person

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I swim in a pool when wearing this watch?

Answer: Yes, why not! This item is water-resistant up to 330 feet which allows for swimming and snorkeling without any issues.

Question: Does it suit the larger wrist?

Answer: Yes, the length of the band is 7.5 inches which easily fits the larger wrist.

Question: Is the date visible easily?

Answer: Yes, the date is visible easily at 3 o’clock.


Citizen Watches Men’s BM8180-03E

citizen watches review

Want to keep a Citizen watch in your collection which you can wear with casual outlook? If yes, I would suggest you buy this BM8180-03E model from them. Within a fair price, you will get everything that you wish in a casual watch.

It features the Japanese-quartz movement and it is highly durable for long-lasting performance. Besides, this one has a better look at which you can compare with some expensive models from Citizen.

It comes with the round black dial which is classy and stunning. The bezel is made of stainless steel which is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Besides the hour, minute, and second hands, there is a date and day option at 3 o’clock. The luminous hands make it easy to read the time. You don’t have to find the day option on your smartphone.

Usually, this kind of dial comes with a leather strap. But this one features a nylon strap which is both comfortable and durable. The olive green color of the band suits to anyone’s personality.

If you don’t like heavyweight watches, this should be your top pick. Features lightweight design with 9.5 millimeters thick case. Want to go for some underwater activities? No issues!

This item is water-resistant up to 330 feet. Without getting off from the wrist, you can do swimming, snorkeling, or take a shower. The overall performance of this item is satisfactory and it is worth buying for longevity.


  • Features stainless steel bezel for longevity
  • Day and date both options are available
  • A nylon fabric band which is comfortable
  • Black classic larger dial for easy to read
  • Water-resistant to stay safe in all weather
  • Easy to adjust settings with the crown


  • Scratch resistance is not as good as some expensive models from Citizen
  • Nylon fabric can lose the color over time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do I have to replace the battery frequently?

Answer: This BM8180-03E model from Citizen doesn’t have a conventional battery. It will get powered by natural light or artificial light. When getting off from hand, keep it under direct light and you are good to go.

Question: Can I wear this watch when showering?

Answer: Of course, you can. This item is water-resistant up to 330 feet which you can even use during snorkeling.

Question: Where to find the replacement for the band if you want to change it?

Answer: You will find different brands online. Just make sure your selected band has a width of 18 mm and it will fit your watch.


History of Citizen Watches

Compared to some of the popular watch brands of today, Citizen is not that old. The company was first established in 1930 by the Swiss and Japanese investors.

As a result, all of their products come with the top quality. When you are buying a product from them, you are getting the Swiss quality and Japanese technology. The main feature of the company is, they have both expensive and inexpensive products.

They always give preference for longevity. That is why, even if you buy the cheapest model from them, that will sustain for years without any issues.

Though the company is relatively new compared to some world-famous brands, in 1933, they have launched the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch. Which is one of the pioneers of this field?

Because of the atomic clocks, they are accurate to within one second in one hundred thousand years. You can rely on them. They maintain good customer service to manage the brand reputation.

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 Why Should You Buy Citizen Watch?

You may have a question that why would you buy a product from them when there are so many other brands. Here are some of the reasons you will love to buy from them –

  • They have the watch for almost all ranges of budget. if you wish, you can pick the high performer with a high budget or can also find some budget-friendly options.
  • Most of their watches are water-resistant and suitable for all weather. So, you can continue your daily life without getting it off from your hand.
  • Citizen usually uses the light fueled watches where you don’t have to take the hassle of battery replacement. There have cells inside which easily get charged with natural or artificial light.
  • Crystal of the watches come with heavy-duty construction with better visibility. There is less chance of getting scratch marks on their products.
  • Wide range of collections based on user demand and users’ preference.

Safety Tips for Your Citizen Watch

  • Keep your watch safe from direct friction with other metal
  • Don’t wear any of the watches when doing scuba diving
  • Keep the watch under direct light to avoid running out of power
  • Maintain the proper care it is instructed in the product description
  • Only use within the permitted temperature range

 Final Verdict

Are you wondering why only 5 products in this Citizen watches review? Well, here we have included only those products that have a reputation in the market.

Also, these are the products that offered the maximum features within the particular price range. Products that I have shared are already popular in the market. Customers are highly pleased with their performance and longevity. Pick whatever you like from the above list.

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