Best Moon Phase Watches Review | Buying Guide

If you’re a fan of unique watches, then we bet you haven’t missed the moon phase watch for sure. But what’s the point of having this awesome and luxurious watch if you can’t add at least one of the best moon phase watches?

As you are here and surfing for the incredible moon phase watch collections, then stick to us till the end. We appreciate that you don’t have a random watch that shows time only. So, let’s just bring in the finest moon phase watches for you while discussing their top-class features and backlog too.

So, get ready to have a tour of guidelines and reviews to get your desired model of a moon phase watch.


The Ultimate Buying Guide: Moon Phase Watches Reviews 

As one of the most captivating complications, moon phase watches still have different impressions. Based on its features, design, and other facts, choosing the right moon phase watch is a challenging task. After thorough research, our experts have finally managed to bring in the finest options for you. Here we go.

1. Nixon Men’s Ascender Fashion Watch – Easy To Read Watch.

At first, we picked this watch because of its minimalistic design. But this is not the fact to pick this as our first choice. It’s made for men who deal with water most of the time.

This is the watch that is designed for water activities. Its stainless-steel case made this moon phase watch more solid and durable, especially for a 42 mm case diameter.

Even the visual appeal of this watch reaches its height because of the case. Along with the excellent features, it serves as a style and substance. This particular watch certainly delivers what we need from it.

To add seafarer charm, the design was inspired by the cues found on ships. We’ve in this watch a dial ring calendar, day/month display, and the charming moon phase functionality. The blend of these three features makes the Nixon moon phase watch more attractive.

Everything on this watch is crafted including the dial beautifully. To increase the durability, the manufacturer used a mineral crystal glass window. Surely, it’s one of the best materials for watches.

Of course, its precious movement is excellent. It succeeded in hitting the mark because of the Miyota Japanese-quartz movement for that reason. So relax because it’s day/date, moon phase functionality is perfect then everything. It got a 100-meter water resistance rating that’s astonishing. That means it will tell you the time under 330 ft of water. That’s why it follows an ocean-themed strategy.


  • Stainless Steel Case makes this watch more durable
  • Works perfectly under the water
  • It looks great because of the build quality
  • Easy to wear because of its minimalistic design
  • An attractive color combination draws everyone’s attention


  • Good for swimming but not for diving

This is the must-have version of the Nixon moon phase watch if you are after a moon phase watch that works perfectly under the water.

2. Orient Men’s Sun and Moon V3 Watch – A Feast For The Eyes

A variety of designs of moon phase watches open the way to choose the best one. This watch is from one of these brands that offer different models and designs for the moon phase watch.

Among the different models, this version (Sun and Moon) is the best. This version is also available in different designs. No doubt, this one we picked has the best color combination to make the watch more beautiful.

Like its design, it shows time perfectly. But we liked its sub-dial feature. It’s for showing the moon phase timepiece. Day and date are included in this sub-dial for a better understanding.

The combination of sun and mood indicator with sub-dial, makes this version more crafted. This is the reason, one can choose this watch.

Everything inside this watch is reliable. It comes with an analog display. But this display works with Japanese-quartz automatic movement.

Orient does a great job by adding a 42 mm case for this watch and the material called sapphire crystal. Because of both materials, it becomes more durable and solid and offers rough and tough performance.

As a result, we also found this watch has water resistance up to 50-meters of water. Even it comes with a high scratch-resistance facility.

To set the time, you just need to pull out the crown. That’s all to make the watch functional. The Roman numeral hour markers also played an important role in providing an aesthetic appearance.


  • Made of Quality Material
  • Power Reserve feature
  • Included Japanese-automatic Movement
  • Easy to set time
  • Water and scratch-resistant


  • Quality could be better

Its affordable price and simple design make this watch perfect for you. It shows everything that you need from such a quality timepiece.

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3. Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch – Beautifully Crafted

Few moon phase watches hold so many details. This one is one of these rare collections of Men’s Moon phase watches which is probably the most detailed example out there.

Stuhrling ensures its gorgeous look and feel. Firstly, its ‘open-heart dial draws our attention. This feature brings a skeleton look. Overall this mechanism increases its true and unique appeal for everyone because it’s visually upgraded.

Everyone can see what’s going on inside this watch. Yes, the skeleton design lets it see through the dial. You’ll love its inner working mechanism and movement. It is a timepiece that features automatic self-winding movement.

Did you notice its straps? It’s a genuine leather band. Not only that, it comes with an alligator emboss that is made in the U.S.

Using such premium emboss makes the straps more durable. It’s almost 24 mm wide which defines its comfortability on your wrist. The design of this leather adds an extra feather to its beauty.

For daily use, it’s one of the best comfortable moon phase watches for men. Stuhrling doesn’t compromise the quality of this watch. It has a round stainless steel case that is smooth to feel. Do you want to measure its diameter? It’s 46 mm.

Look closely at its window glass. It’s another example of high-quality material. Yes, the window glass is made of Krysterna crystal material.


  • The durable genuine leather band is comfortable.
  • Easy to watch inner functions.
  • The luxury design makes this watch beautiful.
  • Comfortable for everyday use.
  • The automatic Mechanism increases its performance.


  • In a silent room, you’ll hear its noisy mechanism.

Because of its eye-catching luxury design along with the blend of high-quality material, this watch is undoubtedly one of the best moon phases watches for your regular use.

4. Citizen Men’s AV3006-09E Moon phase Watch – Best for Outdoor Wear

Citizens always give some signature collection of watches. For the moon phase watch, they have lots of them and this one is the best. This particular timepiece comes with unique details that make it more expensive and beautiful as well.

This stunning moon phase watch draws everyone’s attention by offering a different shape of moon phase features. It features a semi-globe design. To indicate the moon’s position based on the lunar cycle, this semi-globe design helps to give the best shot and feel.

It tracks the moon phase perfectly wherever you are. Citizens know how to make things as professionals. They tried to give a professional look to this watch and they succeeded.

Everyone admires that, this is the best quirky design out there for a moon phase watch. To run this timepiece, you don’t need to worry about the power. It’s designed to get power from the ecosystem. Just fuel it by using both natural and artificial light.

One more thing, it has a 1/5 second chronograph feature. That means, it can track up to 12 hours. Durable materials have been used to make this masterpiece.

Glasses are made of sapphire crystal. Windows becomes stronger because of this material. Additionally, the material’s quality guarantees that it is scratch-resistant.

Day or night, it’s not going to glare because of the anti-glare finish. Besides, it comes with a water resistance facility. Under 330 feet of the water, the moon phase watch works perfectly.


  • The anti-glare feature ensures a clear view
  • Unique details of the dial
  • Eco-drive technology made this watch battery-free.
  • Water resistance of 300 feet
  • Luminous hands and hours


  • Setting the time is not easy

This watch could be one for you if you love to use the moon phase watch of the best signature collections.

5. Baume & Mercier Automatic Chronograph Watch – A Watch for Gentlemen

Baume & Mercier is a brand that believes in perfection. After careful analysis, they’ve offered this different model of moon phase watch. As a magnificent timepiece, every material of this watch ensures quality.

From brushed and polished stainless steel cases to anti-reflective sapphire crystal screws, every little thing of this watch comes with quality. The overall diameter of the case is 43 mm and the thickness is 15 mm.

It’s a solid frame for such a timepiece from a known brand. All of the materials are scratch resistance. The finish is fabulous. Its automatic movement draws the attention easily of the watch lover.

Surely, the bracelet adds an extra shine to this watch. Everything we need is the best moon phase and is here in this one. This watch’s silver sun-brushed dial, blued steel Chrono hands, Rhodium-plated Dauphine hands, and many other features make it ideal for your wrist.

The blending of all these features shows an excellent level of craftsmanship. For a better appearance, it includes a full calendar function that also acts as a 24-hour tracker.

Every material of this watch is well-documented. That means it’s a durable moon phase watch that builds for last. Its automatic movement helps to tell the time all the time.

Additionally, it holds power for the next 48 hours. Under 50 meters (165), this watch works flawlessly.


  • Scratch and water-resistant
  • Includes full calendar function
  • Comes with an automatic movement feature
  • Anti-Reflective Window glass
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet


  • Option for the color is limited

As an absolutely gorgeous timepiece, this one looks hard. Based on your personal preference this one could be right for you.

6. Frederique Constant Men’s FC270SW4P6 Watch – Elegance at Its Finest

The best moon phase watch can be so simple in design and function. This one is the best example of such a kind. Frederique Constant makes its name by offering a different model of moon phase watch.

This time we picked this Swiss-made classic watch for you that is also dressy and elegant. The design is pure and clean to show the time and the position of the moon that you expect from a moon phase watch.

It can truly track the lunar cycle to show you the perfect situation. The deal with the week and the day/date display make it easier to track everything with time. The white dial defines its simplicity. Both Black Hand and roman numerals give an extra beauty that matches the overall design.

All the time, it feels comfortable because of the alligator leather strap. It’s black and durable. Additionally, it’s a scratch-free watch because of the clean sapphire crystal. One thing we figured out is the reasonable price of this watch and its Swiss-quartz movement.

Overall, it’s a minimalistic watch. The color scheme makes it a pleasing piece for everyone. One more thing we liked is the diameter of the case. It’s 40 mm which also influences its build quality. That’s why it also becomes a water resistance to 165 feet.


  • Water-resistance features work perfectly
  • Every material of this watch ensures quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Best color combination
  • Swiss Quartz Movement


  • Not comes with a luxurious design

It’s a great introduction to the simple and classic design of the moon phase watches. If you are not up for a big budget, try this one.

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7. Seiko Men’s SSG020 Watch – High-tech Watch

Seiko offers this watch as an example of perfection. No one is going to regret this watch. At first impression, it will let you fall in love with the design. This watch is proof of a better timepiece. You can give your thanks if you are looking for a moon phase watch from Seiko as a masterpiece.

Seiko adopts a different method to keep this watch active all the time. They sync solar dual time. But the design is fabulous for everyone. The luxurious appearance of this watch is a result of its two-tone stainless steel case.

It’s a bold men’s watch. So, the bracelet and carbon crown are designed in such ways. The dial is bold blue, but this dial becomes more attractive because of the Lumi Brite hands and markers.

For better functionality, it also includes a day and date calendar along with a dual-time function. Most of this dial is highlighted with gold color.

Look at the bezel of this watch. It features a world time function. So, as a user, you’ll get 25 time zones in a single moon phase watch. Don’t worry about adjusting the time. Its radio–the controller will receive the signals.

This signal will adjust the time to make it precise. Even the calendar and result indicator will be adjusted automatically. This is also an eco-friendly designed watch. So, it can get power from any kind of light energy.

Once you charge it fully, then it will cover the next six months to keep the watch active. It’s a complete water resistance watch. So, keep enjoying your time under the water without being worried.


  • Receive radio signal to adjust the time.
  • Save power for the next 6 months.
  • The detailed dial made the watch more unique.
  • Made of quality material.
  • Water resistance to 100 meters.


  • Not available in a leather band.

Do you love a moon phase watch that blends technology and beauty? Then this is the one to keep you always on time.

8. Zenith Chronomaster Open Grande Date Moon phase Watch – Striking Face

What more can we say about this watch? An elegant and quality timepiece for men. Zenith Chronomaster once again shows their best technique to manufacture this open grande date moon phase watch.

This watch is a pure combination of quality and design. First of all, I loved its ‘open-heart design. It gives us a traditional aesthetic feeling. Everything in this watch is perfectly balanced.

Even it’s true for the new and old aesthetic approaches. It only became possible for the Chronomaster.

On top of that, the dial looks a bit skeletal. Such a dial is always beautiful because it makes the watch more prominent. The brown leather strap ensures comfort in the wrist of any size.

Polished stainless steel has been used to make the case. Because of every feature included in this watch, it becomes perfect for formal, casual, and rugged as well. This single timepiece contains everything.

Only for the chronograph functionality, tracking the lunar cycle becomes more accurate. The best mechanism of this watch is the chronometer. This mechanism helps EI Primero 4047 automatic movement.

Its unidirectional rotating bezel is another lovely feature of this watch. The use of a silver-toned dial makes this timepiece more decent. The analog display is holding its position inside the 45 mm diameter stainless steel case.

To make the dial window glass more strong and durable, Zenith used industry-standard sapphire crystal glass. As a result, it becomes durable and scratches resistant as well.


  • Made of Industry grade material for durability.
  • ‘Open-heart’ design draws everyone’s attention.
  • Suitable for rugged, formal, and casual uses.
  • EL primero 4047 automatic movements are accurate.
  • Sapphire crystal glass made the dial window glare-free.


  • The band is only available in leather.

We choose this moon phase watch for you to consider two things. One is the design and another is quality. If you love both of these, then this one should be your ultimate choice for a moon phase watch.

9. Longines Men’s Watches – Great Value for Its Features

One thing we can say about this watch is, that it’s another great example of a classical timepiece. Sometimes design has a great impact on the user’s mind. Longines knows there is a huge fan base of moon phase watches of simple and classical design.

Because of the moon phase functionality, this watch got the attention of the moon phase watch lover. It’s simple in design but a highly detailed piece.

Along with the Arabic numeral index hour marker increase the beauty of the white dial. For the sub-dial, Longines thinks differently for the moon phase watch like this one. Yes, it has a chronograph. It shows through three sub-dials.

Moon phase indicator got companies from the other tracker of this watch like second and minute. The Analog display works flawlessly only for the Valioux caliber 7751 automatic movement. Unitization of this movement ensures the precise time.

On top of that, it has an additional power reserve facility. With a single full charge, everything is going to work for the next 64 hours. The build quality is best because of the quality material of this watch, especially sapphire crystal material.

Dial windows are also scratch-resistant. Overall, it’s durable enough to serve you for a long time. All of the features make this watch more elegant, but it is also very affordable for many users.


  • Light in weight
  • Durable because of quality material
  • Great color combination
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reserve power


  • Not dust-free

Looking for a light and comfortable moon phase watch? Don’t go anywhere. We found this watch for you.

10. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch – Perfect for Everyday Use

Along with the best watch-making method, this Omega speed master comes with a luxurious option for the Omega wristwatch lover. This round-shaped watch has different features of the date and time.

As one of the best timepieces, it shows what a wristwatch lover needs to reflect their luxurious lifestyle. Everything is perfectly oriented and aligned. The watch can be kept secure even with the Naiad Lock case back in place.

Its power reserve facility keeps this thing working for the next 50 hours once it gets fully charged. Take a close look at its dial. It contains 26 jewels. This is one of these few watches that are COSC certified.

On top of that, its chronometer is also certified by METAS. Anti-magnetic features are another expensive feature in this watch that you’re going to love. It resists such kinds of magnetic fields.

The anti-reflective sapphire dial window increases its luxury appeal along with increased durability. This watch’s analog display has enough charm to keep it modern.

The case is made of pure stainless steel and the diameter of the case is 42 millimeters. It defines the overall durability of this watch. The Black and silver color combination grounded its beauty for everyone.


  • Best assembled watch from Omega.
  • Premium Grade Material ensures its durability.
  • Anti-Magnetic Resistance.
  • The case and band diameters are ideal for any hand.
  • The dial window doesn’t reflect anything.


  • The price is higher than that of other watches in the same category.

This watch from Omega is a pure premium-grade watch for men. If the budget is not an option for you, then this is the one you need to show your aristocracy.

11. A. Lange & Sohne Moon phase Watch – Best Example of Perfection

This luxurious and expensive model from A. Lange &Sohne was introduced in 2014. At first look, everyone will notice the golden design of this watch. The blend of gold, brown, and silver color makes this watch beautiful.

There are lots of signature features included in this watch. The dial is beautifully crafted with a golden roman hour marker. Even the big date indicator also makes the watch face different and lovely.

It displays at the 2 o’clock position. Its seconds are small but the date is big. Even the minute and hour hands of this dial are made of pure pink gold. The off-centered sub-dial is perfectly placed for better visibility of the time.

Everything on this dial includes the date and the dial that is powered by a movement facility. Yes, it has a new version of Caliber L095 hand-wound movement. For the moon phase indications, the module that has been used in this watch is executed finely.

One more surprising thing is, that manufacturers somehow manage to keep the caliber inside the 41 mm case. It’s a meticulously decorated price that is a great example of fine engineering. With the alligator texture, the leather (20 mm width) of the band ensures high comfort at the wrist.

For the next 72 hours, it can reserve power. Under 30 meters (100 meters) of water, this watch works perfectly. Because of the analog dial and all the features, this watch looks more accurate. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal has been used to make the watch window more durable.


  • Calendar function with a big date display.
  • Works perfectly under the water.
  • Scratch-free dial window.
  • Easy to track power reserve position.
  • Width leather makes the watch easy to wear.


  • Should’ve come with a competitive price.

This watch is for those who love the perfect timepiece with a big date on their wrist.

12. Whats Watch Parnis Moon phase Watch – Example of Luxury

People don’t pick their moon phase watch at the same price level. If you are one of them who is not looking for a luxurious moon phase watch then this is the right pick for you. You can be comfortable with this watch because it’s always been in an affordable zone for the moon phase watch lover.

Thanks to Parnis for such a watch. Well, it’s true lots of important features are missing in this watch but its design truly motivates everyone. Everything in the dial like the 6’o clock indicator, textured dial scheme, and looks are having a great impact on the mind.

We appreciate the combination of such things. To make it comfortable on the wrist, it comes with genuine black leather straps that are 22 mm in width. It fits nicely and doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable because it is made for all sizes of wrist.

No, you’re not going to get quartz movement for accuracy. But Parnis used Seagull Hand Wind ST36 movement feature that also boosts the accuracy. It does what we need from a moon phase watch.

The Analog display and buckle clasp style define how decent this timepiece is for men. Despite the price, the case is made of durable stainless steel and is 43 mm in diameter.

Additionally, this watch is also water-resistant and works under 30 meters of water.


  • Affordable and attractive moon phase watch
  • Great functionality
  • Quite an accurate Seagull Movement ST36 movement
  • Beautiful presentation of numerals and hour markers
  • Water resistance


  • At low light, it’s hard to read the time.

No doubt it’s a decent option for the price. If you are considering the budget, it’s hard to ignore this moon phase watch.

Considerations Before Buying Awesome Moon Phase Watches

A Moon phase watch is a sure sign of aristocracy. This luxury watch is a bit tricky to buy. Just only a few things you should care about buying a moon phase watch for you. Remember it’s not only a timepiece but also a graphical presentation.

So, you should look for a few factors like size, design, material, etc. to choose the best moon phase watch for you. Below is some information about it.

Moon Phase Watches


Don’t get confused when buying a moon phase watch. Many models of moon phase watches don’t track the lunar cycle. Some of them are only for representing the theme but not the actual position of the moon. These pieces are made for some users who love the moon phase theme on their watch.

Few of them are shows AM and PM through it. As a potential user, you may be looking for the actual moon phase watch. In that case, look for the automatic moon phase watch.

Before you pick one, ensure the moon phase truly tracks the lunar cycle. Make sure, it’s not only for decoration but works perfectly as you need.


Most importantly, a moon phase watch is treated as an analog watch, not a digital one. Based on personal preference many people love to get more features in it. In this case, the watch face is important.

Nowadays, most of the best moon phase watches add extra features like date display, chronograph, and many more. On the other hand, the list of people who love minimalist watches is not short. If you are one of them, then just keep looking for the moon phase watch which only includes time and date along with the moon phase feature.

Even the straps of the watch also have a great impact. Some love leather straps and some stainless steel. Also, they consider the colors, size, and many other options for the watch. So, the style of the moon phase watch depends on you.


The Moon phase watch is a symbol of luxury. So, it’s an expensive watch. But different brands now manufacture the real moon phase watch at an affordable price. For these types of affordable watches, the most basic features are included. You’ll get the hour and minute hands.

Sometimes getting second-hand is also possible along with the date display window. Adding more features to this watch will increase the price. Paying more means getting more unique features and functions in the moon phase watch.

With a simple display buying a moon phase is not a solution if you are looking for a real moon phase watch from a famous brand. Its decoration and ability to track the lunar cycle made such a watch pricier than other regular watches. Depending on your preference the price will vary a lot.


When purchasing a moon phase watch, the material is extremely important. It is a primary cosmetic that enhances the watch’s attractiveness and beauty. Some of them come with solid glass disks, some with other quality materials.

Even the case also influences the look of the watch. Including the inner section, frame, and bend, everything does matter for a moon phase watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What is a moon phase watch?

Answer: This is the watch that shows not only time but also shows the moon’s position based on the lunar cycle. Through this watch, one can know where he is in the lunar cycle currently.

Question 2: How does a moon phase watch work?

Answer: It has two moon disks. These two disks work with a single dial. A lunar cycle completes within 29.5 days. You’ll see it in the aperture. After the cycle is complete, the next moon complication will start automatically.

Question 3: Does the Moon phase watches accurately or not?

Answer: Of course, they are accurate. It’s almost 99.99 percent accurate to show the moon phase. If there is no interruption, then this watch will continuously show the position of the moon.

Question 4: How to use a moon phase watch?

Answer: first of all, move your hand to the lower half of the dial. Pull out the crown. Do it before setting the moon phase. Remember, the lunar cycle in your watch will compete in 29.5 days, this is the moon phase complication. Every tooth is the symbol of a day.

Question 5: Which one is the moon phase watch?

Answer: Already we have tons of options for moon phase watches from a different manufacturers. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Raymond, Hublot, and many other popular brands offer such watches for people.

Final Verdict

Different models of moon phase watch that we’ve reviewed will help to pick which one is the best option for you. All you need to pick the right one based on your choice. As long as you look for them, as long as you like.

In addition to being the best for indicating the moon’s position, moon phase watches also define a more “romantic” complication. Just stare at your wrist and feel the watch. They are cool, they are hiding mystery and they are the best.

One of these greatest moon phase watches will be yours! It doesn’t matter whatever brand we feature; it’s a matter of preference.

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