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The smartwatch has become the most popular wearable devices of the 21st century. These smartwatches do more than just tell the time. They are able to display smartphone notifications, monitor your heart rate and can even be used to answer phone calls. There are more than 10,000 apps which are currently available for iOS and more than 4,000 apps for Android Wear. With more features than ever before, the smartwatch is a great addition to your daily lifestyle. Here are the top five User Friendly Smart Watch features that can benefit your day-to-day:

Best User Friendly Smart Watch

1. Reliable Fitness Tracking


Most smartwatches have fitness tracking as one of their core features. They are able to monitor your health and fitness parameters to help you keep up with your fitness goals. These smartwatches are able to:

  1. Count your steps (in-built pedometer)
  2. Monitor your heart-rate, pulse-rate and blood pressure
  3. Count your calories burned
  4. Display distance traveled
  5. Keep track of your exercise activities
  6. Monitor your sleeping quality and schedule
  7. And many more other functionalities. 

The fitness-feature landscape is constantly changing as wearable technology evolves.

The smartwatch will also alert you if it detects irregularities in your health condition, such as low blood pressure. There is also a built-in GPS feature which allows you to track your runs without having to bring your phone along with you.

Some native sports apps are also able to show you a visual step-by-step exercise routine which can come in handy if your cellular data is out of service.

You can also check your energy levels throughout the day and schedule your workouts and rest time accordingly. These features are especially beneficial to people who want to keep regular tabs on the quality of their health.

2. Alerts and Notifications


You are able to sync up your smartwatch with your phone so that you’re always notified of incoming calls and important messages.

Smartwatch users are also able to reply to their notifications immediately and efficiently through some pre-set replies.

Some smartwatches will also show your social media notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and even allow you to interact with the application. No need to fumble for your phone while on the go.

Smartwatches are also able to notify their wearers of set reminders, emails, and even pre-planned events recorded in the calendar app. 

3. Sleep Detection Features

The smartwatch also has a sleep detection feature which allows you to effortlessly wake up to insightful sleep details such as the quality of your sleep, stress levels and even measure your blood oxygen levels.

It can also learn your sleep routine and offer suggestions on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

Some of the more advanced smartwatches can also track your REM sleep without continuous heart rate monitoring and help you better understand your daily sleep patterns.

4. Streaming Music

Synthetic Bands

Even without cellular data, you are able to listen to your favourite songs offline on Spotify or Apple’s Music app.

Simply save your songs into a playlist and copy them from the app into your smartwatch and listen through your Bluetooth-connected earphones whenever you like.

With cellular data, you can also ask Siri or Alexa-support to play something, as in “play BFM radio” or “play 90s hit songs.” Simple and convenient for music lovers.

5. Water-Resistant

Some smartwatches are designed for sporting activities with its water-resistance capabilities reaching almost 50 metres. This means that you could go swimming or surfing without having to worry about your watch being damaged by the water. 

Some added benefits of smartwatches also include being able to see a lot of information on such a small interface such as weather, temperature, date, time and other notifications.

In addition, the new Apple Watch is developing a feature where it will detect when you are washing your hands and will start a timer to ensure you wash your hands for the required amount of time.

How Useful Is a Smartwatch Your Health Today – User Friendly Smart Watch

Smart Watch Health Benefits

As wearable technology evolves, the usefulness of them will only increase.

It seems as though the functionality of them are heavily shifting towards health and medical related benefits, which is why here at Smartwatch Your Health, we are driven to provide all of the details and data around User Friendly Smart Watch and your health.

Stick around to learn more about how a smartwatch can help you take your health into your own hands (or wrist).

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