How to Repair a Wristwatch?

Your watch can get damaged from harsh fall or drop and you want to get it repaired. But every damage might not demand expert help. Before going to a watch technician, check first to see if you can fix the problem or not. There might be a simple repair that you can perform and save the cost that the technician would have charged. Most often these repairs require only a few basic tools available in your home itself.

Wristband Repairing

If there is any damage to the wristband, consider replacing it. And if it has a different section, remove only the broken parts using a small screwdriver.

In the case of whole wristband replacement, the process is very simple. Remove the retractable pins and insert the new one with the same pins. Push the pins tightly and tighten the connection. And if you need to replace only a few sections of the whole wristband, insert the new parts where you removed the broken section.

There should be small hooks to connect. Screw them using fine pliers. That’s it. Your watch should now look as good as a new one.

Fix the Loose Hands

Sometimes, the hour, minute, and second hands become loose because of repeated drops. If you need to tighten these hands, the first thing is to remove the back of the watch. For this task, you will need a small flathead screwdriver. Lift the cover with the help of the screwdriver.

Then remove the movement and the crown very carefully. Make sure any small part doesn’t get lost or damaged. Then put the hands, crown, and movement back into place. Now put the back cover and screw it properly. If there are any scratches in the crystal, use a soft sponge to wipe them out.

Do the job with little pressure. This would lessen, or remove the scratch mark.

Replace Broken Crystal


If the crystal of your wristwatch is broken and you want to replace it, try to find the same one. And if the exact material is not found, find a similar shaped one made from a different material. Now remove the back cover of the watch to take out the broken crystal.

After removing the back cover, remove the movement casing and also the crown. Then gently take the broken crystal out of the bezel. Now insert the new crystal and put back all the parts carefully. With this, your job is done.

Change the Battery

If your watch is digital and not showing the correct time, it may require changing the battery. These batteries are available in watch stores or even departmental stores. Just take out the old battery and insert the new one in place. Adjust the time as needed. Observe if the watch is showing the correct time or not.

Replace the Damaged Buttons

After several years of use or repeated drops, the knobs or buttons of a watch may get damaged or broken. If the exact replacement button is available, it would be the best. For replacement buttons, contact your manufacturer.

If they are producing the same model, you should find the replacement parts from them. Unscrew the damaged buttons and insert the new ones. Press them gently to align with the corresponding particles.

Fix the Timer

If your watch displays some problems associated with the timer or alarm, it might have resulted from a loose knob or control button. Simply tightening might solve the problem. Or else, you might need to dismantle the parts. After that, reassemble all of the parts.

However, this watch repair guide should help you to fix some common problems you might face with your wristwatch. If you are not that much experienced and the problem seems major, leaving that to a qualified watch technician would be the wise option.

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