Akribos XXIV AK1072 Men’s Chronograph Watch Review

Elegant, classy, and stylish, the Akribos XXIV AK1072 men’s watch is for the adventurer in all of us. This exquisitely designed watch delivers multifunctional performance and brilliance so that you can do your thing confidently. Built to match the current trends, this watch boasts a black color that matches most outfits. It also comes with several advanced features that make it stand out. Speaking of advanced features, let us look at some of the features that give it an edge over the competition.

Key Features of Akribos XXIV AK1072 Watch

Make a Fashion Statement

Whether attending a formal meeting or casual gathering with friends, you would need a wristwatch that screams luxury. You would also appreciate having a watch that matches your sophistication and style. The Akribos XIVV AK1072 men’s watch is a luxurious fashion watch that brings you an elegant class as well as graceful confidence.

Even better, this watch is designed for any individual who is looking forward to a luxurious look without digging too deep in his pocket. This high-end designer watch enables you to take your style to the next level, enhance your attire, and give you a superior flair.

High-End Build

Mid-priced watches most often tend to concentrate more on the look rather than the performance. But, with the XXIV AK1072, you will get both two worlds in both performances and looks.

This watch boasts a premium ion-plated pillowcase, dual deployment buckle, and a stainless steel band. Surprisingly, this contemporary watch has impressive water resistance and reliable wear and performance.

Notably, the Akribos brand hasn’t been around for quite a long time as most brands. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have any impact on the industry. With such classics as the AK1070,

Akribos has made its mark when it comes to mid-priced watches that deliver sleek wearing experiences and elegant fashion. The Akribos XXIV AK1072 watch blends modern style with sophistication while retaining a traditional feel.

Precise Quartz Movement

Keep important deadlines, never miss an important meeting, and always stay on time with the AK1072 chronograph. With a class quartz precision paired with a timer feature, you will get the precision that you have always yearned for.

Better still, this watch comes with a classic dial that has four decorated sub-dials. This gives it a chronograph look. In between the dials, you will also get a small display that keeps track of the date.

When comes the dial window is cleverly made from mineral crystal. These materials protect the quartz mechanism movement while retaining a sharp look. The band also matches the bezel’s exquisite look while the secure buckle brings extra safety.

The casing also protects the moment from water damage making it comfortable to use around water splashes. However, this watch isn’t recommended for extreme water activities.

Suits Any Occasion 

Catering to diverse needs, the Akribos AK1072 brings you brilliant performance regardless of where you want to use it. Among the high-end features, this watch has ornate dials and a vintage bracelet that gives it a handsome design.

The premium components also ensure attention to detail, enabling you not only to make a bold statement but also to keep precise time.

In the same breath, this imaginative timepiece will also bring a fashionable experience that doesn’t go overboard your budget. Therefore, if you are looking for something that looks incredible, is simple to read, and is affordable then you shouldn’t hesitate to get this model.

Seamless Bracelet Design

As mentioned, black watches are extremely popular today. Going along with the latest trends, this watch also boasts an impressive seamless bracelet design that you will love.

The bracelet is made from steel and adorned with black color, which matches both its dial and bezel. The sleek finish resembles some expensive watches. This ensures that you get a very good deal with this watch. Similarly, the dials are easy to read in bright light as well as in the dark.

Make no mistake, the Akribos XXIV AK1072 Men’s watch will never disappoint wherever your adventure takes you. Its classy and elegant design makes it a perfect choice to wear to nice events and work. The bezel has roman hour markers that also give a simplistic look that you will love.

Overall, the stainless steel bracelet design will not only look great but also deliver a service that you can depend on for years.

Deep Set Radiant Dial 

More importantly, we love the unique radiant dial that ensures that you keep the exact time at a glance. Notably, this model comes with a radiant sunray dial that is adorned with numeral hour markers. You will also love the sub-dial rings that give it an exquisite look.

Thanks to the unique design, you can use the watch for practically anything. Any racing driver or people working in a doctor or pilot’s domain, as well as other professionals, will love having this watch.

As expected, this chronograph features four sub-dials with a tachymeter that is etched around the dial subtly. It gets better; the watch also comes with a classy bezel that matches both the dial and bracelet.

Moreover, this model also comes with other finish combinations that may suit your needs.


  • Has a luxurious look while remaining affordable
  • The precise quartz movement keeps the exact time
  • It comes with a seamless bracelet design
  • Heavy-duty construction for enhanced performance and durability


  • It comes in a few finishes


The Akribos XXIV AK1072 Men’s watch boasts impressive multi-functionality, a sleek design, and superior performance. This makes it an excellent choice for any adventurer seeking to stand out in either casual or formal wear.

More significantly, this watch manages to keep its price as low as possible. It comes with all the features you need plus an excellent style that spruces your appearance.

Truly, these watches may not be in the league of most popular brands such as Rolex. However, we love the fact that it does portray a design that closely resembles other models from these brands. This makes them a fantastic pocket-friendly gift for your workmates or useful as a backup for all your professional wear.

Overall, the Akribos XXIV AK1072 Men’s watch is an affordable and stylish watch that most people will find appealing.

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