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Kenneth Cole is a name worth admiring in the fashion industry. From its humbling beginning as a shoemaker, it branched out to other sectors of fashionable clothing and finally made its way to the world of watches. The ability of the brand to adapt to ever-changing needs and trends is truly inspiring. In this article, we will take a look at the five best Kenneth Cole Watches Review and also dive into what makes this brand so amazing and worth your money.

Despite the modern looks and high functionality that Kenneth Cole Watches bring to the table, it manages to keep the price reasonably low. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or someone just looking to get into the watch trend, you are sure to find a product of your liking from this brand.

Kenneth Cole Watches Review – A Look at the Brand

The company started its journey into the fashion industry in the early eighties. Back then, it mostly focused on making shoes that were unique to the time. It quickly started gathering loyal customers through footwear that was beautifully designed yet was durable and long-lasting.

Kenneth Cole took and still takes an active part in different charity and social causes, lending a hand whenever possible. Its notable advocacy for AIDS awareness and marriage equality made it a respected institution. These activities put the company on the map as a socially conscious and charitable company.

The brand dipped its foot in the watch industry in the year 1996. In this span of only 23 years, they have managed to make a name for themselves in the manufacturing of fashion watches. Its products are trendy, minimalistic, and cater to every fashion-conscious person’s needs. What else could you want?

The mesh and chain link straps in the watches of this brand almost always feature a secure locking mechanism. If you are a casual guy, you will find appeal in the laidback look of the leather straps. All of the watches made by Kenneth Cole feature quartz movement, which is known for its reliability and precision.

Kenneth Cole Watches Review

Despite joining the industry for a short while, Kenneth Cole has amassed a big collection of affordable fashion watches in its arsenal. Here we have shortlisted five of its best watches for you to consider. These five watches showcase all the qualities that Kenneth Cole has to offer.

1. Kenneth Cole KC1557

Starting off our list, we have this fantastic watch from the New York Men’s line. This line of the brand is sleek and radiates a calm aura of class, which makes it a perfect accessory for you to wear every day. If you are someone getting into the fashion of watches, this is one of the best places to start.

The watch comes in a round case of 42 mm diameter and 8 mm thickness. With a gunmetal ion-plated construction, the watch looks and feels durable. Despite the build quality, it manages to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. It comes with a polyurethane band of 28 mm width that follows the all-black aesthetic of the unit.

You know it is a men’s watch the moment you lay your eye on it. The sleek black design, along with the minimalistic appearance, gives a very masculine vibe to the timepiece. It has a stationary bezel with a single crown on the right side to control the time. Apart from that, it comes with a handy calendar feature.

The interior of the watch is quite neat and clean because of its minimal features. It comes with three simple hand-dials, two of which are slightly rectangular along with a thin linear second’s hand. Furthermore, there are no numerals in the dial but instead 12 black and white markers that serve as hour positions.

The dial window of the watch comes coated with mineral crystals to protect against minor scratches. Furthermore, it provides water resistance up to a depth of 99 feet. This watch follows the Japanese quartz movement to tell its time. Timekeeping is entirely accurate, and the battery life is also decent.


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Affordable price range
  • Useful date function
  • Durable and lightweight



2. Kenneth Cole KC15114005

 If the look of a leather or nylon strap is not for you, then you should take a look at this product. It is another casual watch from the New York Men’s line that is well-suited to accompany you in your daily activities. However, if you need to attend a social or business occasion, this watch is not one to be underestimated.

This watch features a stainless-steel case with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 12 mm. If you are off-putted by the size, you can rest assured that it would be a comfortable and snug fit. It comes with an accompanying stainless-steel bracelet of 22mm width using a fold-over clasp, further enhancing its usability.

The band comes with a hidden double-push button that ensures the watch stays on your hand firmly. With a stationary bezel surrounding the dial, this watch is very easy on the eye. A single round crown on the right side of the watch is all you need to adjust the time.

The watch comes with three hand-dials allowing you to read the time easily. The hour and minute markers are triangular shaped with a transparent body that looks stylish on the black watch face. It does not feature any numerical number. Instead, it comes with 11 silver accents that serve as an hourly position with a Czech stone adorning the 12-o clock position.

Your watch is protected against any scratch or corrosion, thanks to the mineral coating on the dial window. The water resistance of this device is quite high, able to withstand a depth of 165 feet. Like other Kenneth Cole watches, it follows the precise Japanese quartz movement.


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Beautiful Czech stone at the top
  • High water-resistant
  • Durable stainless-steel strap


  • Does not come with a date function


3. Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Automatic Stainless-Steel Dress Watch

Skeleton dials are a beautiful innovation in the watch industry. When they first came into production, they cost a lot of big bucks. However, some brands like Kenneth Cole came out with their versions at an affordable price. This product, in particular, stands out not only for its skeleton design but also for its high build quality.

The watch features a Tonneau-shaped case with a diameter of 40 mm. It is quite thick compared to other watches we reviewed with a thickness of 15 mm. However, thanks to the stainless-steel bracelet that comes with the watch, it does not feel heavy or uncomfortable to wear even for an extended period.

Featuring a width of 24 mm, the band in the unit comes with a fold-over, push-button clasp. As a result, you can secure it on your wrist quickly without any hassle. The gold theme of this fashionable dress watch always radiates an aura of elegance and confidence. This watch also features a stationary bezel.

The interior dial showcases the intricate gear mechanisms of the watch. A common issue with skeleton watches is the window feeling too congested. However, the minimalistic design of the unit eliminates this problem. It features three simple-hand dials that rotate across 12 hour-pointers keeping the face neat and uncluttered.

The addition of the mineral crystal coating on the dial window ensures that your watch will stay fresh and new as long as possible. With a water resistance of 165 feet, this watch will be your constant companion on any formal occasion. This analog watch uses the Japanese 21-jewel automatic movement to keep track of time accurately.


  • Beautiful skeleton design
  • Uncluttered dial window
  • Affordable dress watch
  • No battery required


  • It does not suit smaller wrists


4. Kenneth Cole New York Women’s KC2609

Nearing the end of our review, we now take a look at this beautiful all-purpose watch for women by Kenneth Cole. The watch features a white theme that is both elegant and stylish to empower the calm attitude of a strong woman. Despite its minimal appearance, this watch is exceptionally desirable.

The case of the watch is quite small, with 36 mm in diameter and 7 mm in thickness. It is the perfect size that suits the usually smaller wrists of women. The addition of the white leather band ensures day-long comfort when wearing the watch. The 18 mm strap employs a simple buckle closure system for fast and easy deployment.

The watch radiates calm confidence in its appearance that goes well with any occasion. Whether you want a casual watch for regular commutes or a dress watch for formal events, this watch will suit your needs. It has a stationary bezel and comes with luminous hands for easy visibility in the darkness.

The dial of the watch is designed to keep the face looking clean and uncluttered. It features two triangular hand-dials that serve as hour and minute markers. The hour positions are indicated using small accents along the edge of the dial with more minor minute markings in between them. It has a single crown on the right side of the bezel to set the time.

The window is coated with mineral crystal so that the finish does not come off with minor dings and scratches. It has a water resistance of 165 feet, which is quite handy against sudden water spills. This watch follows the Japanese quartz movement to keep its time accurately.


  • Luminous markers
  • High water-resistance
  • Lightweight all-purpose watch
  • Minimalistic and compact design


  • Bad battery life


5. Kenneth Cole KC3925

The last product on our list is another beautiful skeleton watch by Kenneth Cole. Where the previous skeleton watch on our review was perfect for dressier occasions, this one is suited more towards casual hangouts and activities. Featuring a lovely price point, it is the ideal device for any watch lover.

With a round case of 46 mm diameter and 12 mm thickness, this watch is not one for small wrists. It features a stainless-steel three-link bracelet of 24 mm thickness to go along with the rugged look and masculine vibe. The bracelet features a fold-over clasp system with a double-push button for some added stability.

Although this is a skeleton watch, its appeal lies in the clutter-free dial window. The gear mechanism of the watch though visible clearly, does not distract you from the subtle appeal of the unit. It comes with a stationary bezel with a single crown to set the time.

The watch features three hand-dials to tell the hour, minute, and seconds of the day. It also features a quadrant-like design around the exterior border of the face where the hour markers are positioned. The hour-markers are distinguished using thick white accents instead of traditional numerical markings.

The crystal coating on the window of the dial protects it from corrosion or other unwanted aging. It is also resistant to water up to a depth of 99 feet. This means it can handle light rain or sudden water splashes but will not survive swimming or diving. The watch uses the automatic quartz movement to keep track of time precisely.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Affordable skeleton watch
  • Rugged three-link bracelet
  • Stylish silver and black color combination


  • Water-resistance not high


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Is Kenneth Cole Watches worth Buying?

Kenneth Cole offers beautiful fashion watches at a highly reasonable price. This alone makes them worth buying for a lot of people. However, if you put them up against the likes of Rolex, you might not be satisfied fully. But if you are someone who wants a good-looking watch on a budget, this is worth strong consideration.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a Kenneth Cole watch:


A high-quality watch is not something that comes cheap. One of the main reasons most people shy away from watch collections is because of their steep price.

However, with Kenneth Cole watches, it becomes a non-factor. Most of their products are priced at a range that almost anyone can afford

Buying a Kenneth Cole watch will not burn a big hole in your wallet like other premium luxury brands. It gives you a solid place to start building up your watch collection.

For the price of one Tissot or other mid-tier watches, you could get a couple of Kenneth Cole. The affordability of this brand makes them worth buying.


Kenneth Cole watches are also quite stylish when it comes to looks. The design of these watches is sometimes comparable to high-end brands despite the dirt-cheap price. It is also versatile enough to feature many different styles, including skeleton dials and aviator watches.

Aesthetics is an essential factor for any avid watch lover. Kenneth Cole never makes a compromise when it comes to this point. For this reason, these watches have a strong handle over the consumer market. Since it can cater to the user’s demand for stylish watches at a reasonable price, it is worth strong consideration.


Kenneth Cole watches are also quite durable when it comes to building quality. Most of the watches of this brand come equipped with quartz movement.

Because of this, you need to replace the batteries every few years. Apart from that, the watches themselves can last you at least 4-5 years based on how you take care of them.

The cases and the bands are of good quality. Most of the cases come with stainless-steel construction and a mineral crystal coating of some caliber. It prevents any corrosion and scratches from minor frictions.

All these features show how much thought goes behind the manufacturing of these watches.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) – Kenneth Cole Watches Review

1. Are Kenneth Cole Watches Luxury?

No. Kenneth Cole Watches can be classified as entry-level budget watches because of their affordable price and build quality.

2. Where are Kenneth Cole Watches made?

All Kenneth Cole watches are manufactured in China.

3. Are Kenneth Cole watches water-resistant?

Yes. Most Kenneth Cole watches come with some amount of water resistance, though the value may differ based on the model of the watch. In general, you do not need to worry about water splashes or some light rain with its timepieces.

4. What is the movement used in Kenneth Cole Watches?

Almost all of the watches by this brand follow some form of quartz movement. The most common type seen is the Japanese quartz movement, which is quite a reliable method of timekeeping.

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Final Thoughts – Kenneth Cole Watches Review

Watches are, in essence, an extension of the personality of their user. All watch wearer knows that, and the company takes it to heart when manufacturing its products. That is why Kenneth Cole is held in high regard when it comes to being a budget watchmaker.

We hope that you found our Kenneth Cole Watches Review to be informative and helpful in picking out the best product for you.

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